Helen MacKinnon is a chartered psychologist who attained her Master's Degree at the University of Calgary, and has practiced in Canada and the USA. In 1969, she started her career in a school counseling role, then becoming Chartered in 1972. Helen now works exclusively in Calgary with a diverse clientele.

Committed to lifelong learning, Helen stays current with new developments in her field through participation in relevant courses recognized by her association.

"Dear Helen,

I’m sending a note of thanks for all your help during our sessions. You have helped me in more ways that I can express. As a matter of fact, a great help to me was your relaxed therapy setting and compassionate listening skills. Many times, you have said some simple “words” or asked the right questions so that I may help myself in my progress to recovery.

Thank you so much for your work in helping me find myself again.

Diane M."


American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Smart Marriages
The Vaults of Erowid

For further information, please call (403) 246-5018 or email Helen in confidence.